Sunshine Coast


A concealed tranquil 50 hectare camp site. Located on a picture perfect dam and nestled in among 200 hectares of lush state forest. It is not only a lure for photographers but a perfect kid’s playground.

Ewen Maddock Dam Camp & Recreation Centre offers: swimming, kayaking, kids adventure courses, trails, picnic facilities, toilets, eco-friendly cabins and camp sites.

Located on the Steve Irwin Way, MAP LINK. Only a 10 minute drive from Caloundra’s CBD and an hour drive from Brisbane.

Once again this discovery we owe to Courtney! Thanks for doing the TreX Cross Triathlon earlier this year. Great family event and a great eye opener to Sunshine Coast’s backyard.

A must for adventure and nature enthusiasts! Sunshine Coast 9Sunshine Coast 7 Sunshine Coast 15 Sunshine Coast 17 Sunshine Coast 42 Sunshine coastSunshine Coast Sunshine Coast 22 Sunshine Coast 30 Sunshine Coast 37 Sunshine Coast 38 Sunshine Coast 39Sunshine Coast 43