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As a parent, I always want to buy the best for my kids. Not only quality wise but developmentally too. Being a Paediatric Physiotherapist, I see a lot of toys and a lot of gross motor struggles. Learning to ride a bike without pedals is a very common problem.

Balance Bikes; if only I knew about them 9 years ago with my first child.

My little boy was slightly luckier and received his first balance bike at 18 months of age. The ‘Strider‘ was where it all started. This bike came with large solid rubber wheels and a low seat height. Perfect for the little ones. Initially, he was happy enough to walk around with the bike between his legs but gradually transitioned into sitting and walking, to sitting and flying around faster than I could run. The large wheels are perfect for off-road riding. Handles grass and dirt without trouble.

As soon as he mastered the balance bike he jumped on his older sister’s mountain bike and took off. Only having trouble getting on and off due to its larger size and him only being able to touch the ground with his tiny tippy toes.

Even though he mastered the big bike the pure joy and the ability to go fast and jump small bumps keeps him going back to the balance bikes.

And that’s why we decided to get the Jumper from LIKE-A-BIKE. This bike comes with suspension, exactly what he needed when going down BMX tracks. The seat height is slightly higher and the frame is larger.

Micro also produce another great little balance bike. Although it has two downsides for me: the wheels are much smaller, so it handles better on hard surfaces, like concrete, and its frame is more compact and a bit more tippy compared to the other two. But if you just want a road bike that goes SUPER FAST then this little-supercharged bike is for you.

Whichever one you pick your kids will love it.



AWOL Family at the BMX park from AWOL Family on Vimeo.