1. Tea Tree Bay

Tea Tree Bay is the friendly and closer alternative to Noosa’s Fairy Pools. The bay is an easy 2km return walk from Noosa’s National Park Carpark. The bay has a beautiful little beach (unpatrolled) as well as a rocky coastline. At low tide, the bay exposes numerous ‘Rock Pools’. Our kids loved jumping in and swimming amongst the little fish. Bring their goggles or masks, so they don’t whine too much about sore eyes. We spent a whole morning here; Leo kept busy searching for crabs while Chloee and I were happy to relax in our private ocean spa!

The beach does have waves, and many people go out on their longboards, while others are happy to float about on their pink flamingos!

2. Noosa Everglades

A hidden secret in the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park. Noosa Everglades is a must for any Noosa traveller. The Everglades represent an ancient waterway that has existed unchanged for thousands of years. Kanu Kapers allows you to kayak on your own or as part of a tour exploring the spectacular waterways filled with millions of purple water lilies, pelicans, and deserted beach inlets.

This is an amazing experience both for the kids and the adults. Take your time, and make sure you stop and get out to enjoy some of the amazing little nooks and sandy banks.


3. Little Cove

Little Cove lies 500m around from Noosa’s Main Beach. I believe this is Noosa’s ‘Bay of Paradise‘. White sand, clear waters and plenty of lush trees to block out Hastings Street’s hustle and bustle.

Much quieter than Main Beach and I presume it’s because you must walk from Hastings Street as there’s no parking directedly next to the beach.

My favourite time to visit is at low tide.

4. Stand-Up Paddle Board

Hire a board or bring your own and go exploring along Noosa River. Or even better try to catch some waves along Noosa’s Main Beach. It’s amazing what you can see from up higher. On a clear day, the kids have seen plenty of coloured fish, and the locals tell me, that the dolphins are not scared to say hello.

5. 4WD along Noosa’s Northshore

An easy, and quick ride over on the barge. A day trip or a weekend camping adventure. It doesn’t matter which one you choose the kids will love the 4WDing experience. Haven’t got a 4WD, easy you can hire them from Get Around Noosa.

Explore the long stretch of beach, stop at the Red Canyon and prepare to get a little dirty! Climb the large red sand dune and feel like you’re in the middle of Northern Territory.

Drive another 45km down to Double Island Point. Leave the car down on the beach, and walk up to the working Lighthouse. On a clear day, you can see all the way back to Noosa and north to Fraser Island.

Keep an eye out for passing dolphins, turtles, and whales.