The Gold Coast boasts many waterfalls and majority of us would have heard or done the easily accessible ones like Twin Falls, Purling Brook, and Cameron Falls.  This year, with the kids being older (6 and 11 years old) it’s finally time for us to venture out a little further and conquer and discover some of the further away waterfalls.


Elabana Falls is a 7.6 km return walk. And the question was “Will Leo our 6-year old be able to walk the distance without us having to carry him back to the carpark?” What a little champ, proving us all wrong. He was the fastest of us all, running all the way back so that he could get first dibs on the bird food and be the first to feed the super friendly lorikeet.

You can get bird food from the O’Reilly’s coffee shop.


7.6km return


Listed as a class 4, but a pretty easy trail as long as you are in good health


Elabana Falls Track branches off the Main Border Track 1.7 km from the entrance at O’reillys.  Turn right at the Box Forest turn-off and follow the sign to Picnic Rock. At ‘picnic rock‘ cross the creek and follow the path and signs for another 400m to Elabana Falls. Once you reach the water, you’ll need to climb over the boulders/rocks to get to the other side so that you can climb a little further and reach the actual waterfall and swimming hole.

Drive Up: The drive up is around an hour and a half from the Gold Coast. The only bad part about the drive is that it’s very windy so if you get car sick this would be the trip to take some car sick tablets!