Gold Coast’s best-kept secret.  Three waterfalls in one location -Denham Scenic Reserve Park at Beechmont.

Denham Scenic Reserve Park is about a 50-minute drive out from the Gold Coast. It’s all nature here, no facilities and BYO everything. Lip falls, which is the main waterfall is also where you can find the big beautiful swimming hole.

From the swimming hole, you can access the bottom of Denham Falls. Walk up to the top of the waterhole and follow the creek bed upwards (watch the Instagram video below). Alternatively, you can also reach the top of the Cavern Falls by walking down the creek from the waterhole.

The waterhole at Lip Falls, looking down from the top.

The top of the Denham Falls is accessible by detouring down a small path to the right very early along the walk. Around a 100 meters in after crossing the first creek bed at entry.

The water is freezing, but no one leaves the place without jumping in first.

The round trip is around 3 kilometres. I’d say half is flat and the other is natures made stairs.

Watch the video to see the Denham Fall, the largest of the three waterfalls.


Park along Doncaster Drive at Beechmont and walk through the Denham Scenic Reserve Park to the end to reach the entrance and to find the path that takes you to all three spots.