Who said you couldn’t plan a trip in 24hrs!

What originally was supposed to be our snow holiday in NZ, ended up being a ‘Road Trip around Tasmania.’ Yes, we were checking in the night before for our New Zealand snow trip, only to discover that the kid’s passports were expired. The worst holiday stuff up so far. I literally felt sick in my stomach! But instead of blaming each other we did the next crazy thing and plan a 9-day road trip around Tassie!

The next day we were off, planning as we go. And it was amazing!

Here are five things I’d put on your next trip to Tasmania. Whether you’re traveling with kids or with out, you’ll love them.

(1) Devil’s Corner Winery

It’s not always just about nature. Sometimes you have to combine the two.

(2) East Cost Area: Friendly Beaches


Everyone talks of the Bay of Fires, but I honestly I thought this place was even better. Giant red boulder rocks and beautiful white sand.

(3) Cradle Mountain


This stop was all about the kids playing in the snow! Take a walk up to Marion’s Lookout. Two paths available: an easy or hard. We took the harder climb not realizing what it entitled. But in the end, the kids loved the challenge. Lots of steps, uneven rock paths, and a chain section. Over an hour walk one way. But it comes with rewards; fantastic views and snow.

If you’re uncomfortable driving on Tasmania’s winding winter roads, take the National Park’s shuttle bus up to the lake at the base of the mountain.

(4) Montezuma Falls


A beautiful 10km walk along an old railway track to Tasmania’s tallest waterfall and a courage testing suspension bridge. Obviously, kids have too much courage as Leo was a little disappointed.

(5) Launceston Area: Cataract Gorge & Penny Royal


Penny Royal is a great little adventure park. From rock climbing, zip lining to cliff jumping! Just behind it is the Gorge. Great spot for lunch either at the coffee shop or along the grass by the water.