“We never see him” is something I hear well too often. So many mums, wives, or partners complain that their partner’s training whether its triathlon or other takes up all their spare time. We as a family try to bring the two worlds together. It defiantly isn’t easy but everything always needs work.

I was so excited when I saw this article. It tells a story that’s similar to ours in many ways. I understand all families are different, but I believe we all have the same goal; time together.

Mystery Island Vanuatu 9

“Be part of the activity. I’m not sitting on the sideline, watching. When I go rock climbing with them, I’m actually rock climbing.”

“Dads should try to make it to at least one of their kid’s activities. I don’t care who you work for; you can get the time off. Just make it a priority.”

“We put a huge emphasis on family time and we cook breakfast and dinner together every day.”

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