Booderee National Park: – meaning ‘bay of plenty’ or ‘plenty of fish

A 70-square-kilometre area at the southern part of Jervis Bay known as the Jervis Bay Territory and belonging to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community. MAP

3 hours from Sydney

  • Open 9 and 4 pm all year round.
  • Requires a 48hr or more driving permit
    • obtained at the entrance to the park for around $11 per car.
  • Accessible in non-4WD cars.

The stunning landscape of towering cliffs deserted beaches and lush national parklands.

Cave Beach

A great family campsite. Remote enough, around 300 meters from the car park so you do have to carry in all your gear. But sufficient enough; with toilets, cold showers, communal gas BBQs and fire pits.

The site is famous for its kangaroos.

The beach is about 50 meters away and as the name suggests there’re many large caves which are all located along the beach. The kids will love them!

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Cape St George Lighthouse

Worth the gravel road drive and a leisurely stroll down. Its ruins play a critical part of the Australian history as they relic early European occupancy. The site has fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding cliffs of Jervis Bay.
Due to many fatal shipwrecks, the lighthouse was replaced and then destroyed in the early 20th century. Its stories are both sad and fascinating.
The ruins and the uninterrupted views are beautiful to photograph.

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