Maré Island is a former coral atoll, that over time has risen and given rise to the Natural Aquarium, the Sink Hole, the honeycombed coral caves, and pools.

This was my favourite stop from our cruise on the Pacific Eden.

Mare Island, P&O 1

We took the first tender out and jumped on the first shuttle bus tour out to Yejele Beach. This was the only P&O tour available on our cruise. The beach was stunning! Unfortunately, it was also windy, and with the wind came the ‘blue-bottle jellyfish’.

We needed an alternative to the beach so we decided to ask a local for sightseeing advise.

We were incredibly lucky to meet Richard! Not only was he a fantastic guide but he also did a great job of babysitting Leo. Who needs a ‘kids backpack’ when you have Richard offering to hold him everywhere we went.

Mare Island, P&O 2

Our first stop was along the coast back towards the port to the Natural Aquarium. Unbelievable aqua blue water. So many fish! We could not believe our eyes. First thing Courtney and I wanted to do was to jump in and explore. But to protect the reef and due to the sharp razor rock reef edges, swimming was something we could not experience.Mare Island, P&O 3

Second stop was a little further away towards the middle of the island.  ‘The Bone Hole’, 131 feet deep sinkhole! Richard stopped the car somewhere in the middle of nowhere…

He’s English wasn’t good! We were worried and excited at the same time. Where was he taking us?

He told us to jump out of the car and leave our bags inside! Should we or shouldn’t we? Yes! He finally unbuckled his seat belt and joined us by the side of the road. We followed him down a skinny overgrown, dirt track until we stopped at the breathtaking sinkhole.

I believe this hole was once part of a lagoon. The view was fantastic, and the place was perfect for Courtney to fly his drone and to see what was hidden within.

Sink hole, Mare Island

Mare Island, P&O 5

Mare Island, P&O 6

Mare Island, P&O 7

Mare Island, P&O 11

Mare Island, P&O 12

Mare Island, P&O 13

Mare Island, P&O 14

The trip did not end here. We soon learnt that Richard was on his way to pick up a sick little girl from the hospital and driving her back to the port where her mum could buy her medicine. So on the way, past he made one last stop.

Mare Island, P&O 10

Mare Island, P&O 9

Mare Island, P&O 8

The high cliffs and hidden caves. According to Richard, these are spectacular at sunset!

We can’t thank our new friend, Richard, enough for his time and patience, and showing us he’s home and the amazing sights of Mare Island.

Mare Island, P&O 15

Mare Island, P&O 16

Mare Island, P&O 17

Mare Island, P&O 18

The port had several vendors with food and souvenir. They were happy to accept Australian dollars.

Many local tour cars and buses also wait here, so there’s no need to book tours ahead of time.