A place to visit in the day or the night. See the ‘Natural Bridge’ rock formation, which was once formed by the force of the waterfall over the erosive basalt cave.  Walk along the creek and through the beautiful rainforest. Even better after a big rainfall as torrents of water cascade through the natural bridge. Stay till dark and explore the glow worms.

To protect the glow worms and public’s safety, it is illegal to swim in the cave or the creek.
This means the tour is quite quick. Around a 15-min walk down and back up.
Food isn’t available unless the ice-cream truck decides to visit.
Pack a picnic and explore the other parks and swimming holes and creeks in the area.
Location MAP

GOLD COAST, Queensland 14

GOLD COAST, Queensland 16

GOLD COAST, Queensland 17

GOLD COAST, Queensland 18

GOLD COAST, Queensland 20

GOLD COAST, Queensland 15