Family travel is slowly becomeing more affordable and more accesible. Whats sad is that many parents still fear the prospect of traveling with children. But don’t worry, this is normal, I get a little anxious everytime too. Just remember that there are others who have done it, survived it, and LOVED it. So don’t fear it. Embrace it!


Be calm especially in front of the kids. They quickly pick up on your anxiety.


If you’re a routine person, then stick to these routines while traveling. Same sleep times feeds.., timezone, etc. The kids adapt to time changes super fast, definitely better than us adults. Try to keep the kids up as long as you can during the day for the first few days. Otherwise, you will struggle at night. Keep them entertained.

Sometimes it’s easier to travel with your cot so that they have a familiar environment, one that they feel safe in.

Bring your formula or baby foods so to minimize too much change.