The thought of traveling with children is quite stressful for any parent. Why? Because we can’t control it; it’s unpredictable and out of our routine. But one thing I’ve learned is that children adapt to change usually better than adults. 


Children are generally less resistant to illness than adults, and therefore vaccinations are of major importance. Your GP should tell you what vaccinations your child needs, for what destination and remember to account for any immunizations you might miss while traveling. The GP will recommend you on whether the child should have them before or after traveling.


Check the expiry date on your passport well before you travel. You’d be surprised how many people check them a week before departing. Be aware that some countries need your passport valid for at least another 6 months after the conclusion of your trip.

I always check the Smart Traveller website to review the country’s entry requirements. For example, some places require a written permission letter from all guardians when traveling with a minor.


Some countries ask for an entry visa. For this, you either send your passports away or file an online application. Check with the country’s Embassy and on Smart Traveller.


I strongly recommend you to invest in good travel insurance. Read the Policy well so that you understand your cover. Sometimes it’s cheaper to take out an annual policy cover if you’re planning more than one trip for the year.


Check Airline baggage allowances for families traveling with cots, pram.

The majority of airlines supply baby cots for your journey. You must request these in advance, and unfortunately, you’re not always guaranteed one. I always bring a soft blanket or the pram’s sheep skin so that I can place it on the bottom of the cot.

If your baby is too large for a cot then I would suggest reserving a window seat. You may feel less private or bumped by passing passages when sitting in aisle seats.(especially if you are breastfeeding).


Check what rules apply to liquids. Different rules apply to families traveling with kids. This information is accessible through airport websites.


You can familiarize yourself with your hotel’s kids services. It will help to guide you in planning your trip.


Will you require a baby capsule/seat? Sometimes its just easier to bring your own or buy one there. Car hire places can charge as much as buying a new capsule/seat.


Today we are lucky enough to have phones that both entertain our kids and provide us the adults with useful travel information. Remember to stock up on those apps prior to leaving. I love a good translator app.