Snow Farm is an hour drive from Queenstown. The most direct route takes you through the scenic Crown Range; a beautiful road with plenty of lookouts. During winter the road gets icy, and chains must be carried at all times. The alternative route around the crown range is around 30-mins longer, but it doesn’t require chains.

The dirt road up to Snow Farm is 13km long and has countless hairpins and switchback corners. Chains must be carried at all times and are nearly always required in winter for two wheel drive cars. In poor conditions, the drive down can be very slow due to the icy road. We have no snow driving experience and have driven this road without chains three times, in a 4-wheel drive car, maybe a little slow and daunting at times but doable. And when you get home to friends and family you can brag that you drove the summer World Rally Stage Track!

Snow Farm is a great place for those who want to experience some great cross-country skiing terrain. All ski hire is available on site. Check prices in town as this can be a cheaper alternative. Snow Farm also claims to have a kid’s fun zone with tobogganing, tubing, and snow caves. Unfortunately aside from 4 tubes 2 of which were deflated and two broken sleds I didn’t see much else. Very disappointing, if you weren’t there to cross-country ski!

The lodge offers nice homemade lunches and snacks. Accommodation is also available at certain times of the year.