Family trip to Japan to visit Disneyland, Snow Monkeys, and the traditional Japanese snow village – Nozawa Onsen.



Accommodation: Hilton Tokyo Bay, Magic Room. The room is full of interactive activities and secrets that will keep the kids amused. Upgrade if you can, the kids will love it!

Getting Around: Complimentary Themed Bus or a Monorail (located conveniently across from hotel). Pram hire is available at Disneyland.

Weather: Cold, layer up and bring a warm coat for the nights (no snow).


Japan Disneyland

Japan Disneyland

Japan DisneylandThe low height restrictions allowed our 2-year-old to experience the thrill of a real roller coaster ride.

Japan Disneyland



Accommodation: Hotel Tsubakino, Modern Ryokan Room.

Transport to town: Train / Shinkansen – Tokyo to Yudanaka Station. Can Take from 3-5 hrs depending on how good you’re with your connections.

Getting around town: Walk or taxi. Bus transfer to Snow Monkeys.

Weather: Snow.

Japan Shinkansen Train Shinkansen – no need to purchase a seat for the little ones. Armrests move up, so cuddle up and save money.

JAPAN - WINTER Invest in a good quality pair of snow boots like the SORELS. Your kid’s feet will thank you later!

Japan Snow monkeysLong walk for the little ones. Be prepared to carry them or even better bring a kid’s carry backpack. There are limited snacks and hot drinks at the entrance to the Snow Monkeys so bring your own food and water.

japan snow monkey

Japan Serow WolfRare visitor, Japanese Sorel.

Japan Snow Monkeys

Japan Green Tea

JAPAN TSUBAKINOAn outdoor Private Onsen (hot spring bath) available in the hotel. Must Book. Highly recommended. Our kids loved it!



Accommodation: Nozawa Grand Hotel, Modern Ryokan Room, Level 3.

Transportation to town: Private taxi/car (~45mins & ~$100AUS). Alternatively, you can catch a train, but a much longer journey.

Getting Around Town: Walk. Hilly streets so the little ones will tire fast.

Weather: Snow in town. Ranges from slippery to wet. The kids and I wore our Sorel boots everywhere.


Japan Nozawa Onsen

Japan Nozawa OnsenWe accessed the base of the ski fields through town on a free magic carpet or a free t-bar. The T-bar was only a 5-minute walk from the hotel (Nozawa Grand Hotel). Kids sat on parent’s lap.

Japan Nozawa Onsen

Japan Nozawa OnsenThe base of the ski fields offers a free kids play area which includes: playground, tubing, and tobogganing. Free indoor playroom also available.

Japan Nozawa Onsen

Japan Nozawa OnsenGreat Japanese and some Western restaurants in town. Book for dinner as it gets busy.